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K A T I E   T U B B I N G 

Katie Tubbing is a fashion designer and maker prolific in material experimentation. Her creation and transformation begins with intuition and ends with emotion. She allows the material to lead the way, working with it and not against it. She uses various materials to express her inner worlds: polymers, biopolymers, textiles, metal, clay and electronics. She uses the language of fashion to translate her creative drive into something tangible and wearable. Her work with lace has its roots in millinery. With lace, she creates three-dimensional structures that come away from the body and do not always seem real. Her work is often mistaken as digitally generated because of its complicated visual and technical properties. She uses the human body as a canvas and sculpts the textile in tandem with it. Focusing on the potential of a material more than its current state. Her maximalist aesthetic reflects her state of mind, constantly questioning and screaming out thoughts and ideas. She evokes a new reality, a place where boredom does not exist and a fabricated sense of identity takes precedence.

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